Why Hire Me?

This is the value added proposition you are presenting to a potential employer. This is the question that they are asking themselves every time they communicate with you. You would be well advised to have done your homework. That is, be certain to do the research on the company, perhaps even the industry, you are interested in pursing long before you step foot through their doors.

It is so important to remember that the way you approach getting employment with a potential employer is the first reflection of the type of employee you are. Are you prepared? Are you thorough? If you are, you will know what value you can bring. Only then can you begin to address the possibility of increasing the profitability of their company or the enhancing the performance of their operations.

Too many times, job candidates decide to simply ‘wing it.’ That is, job seekers stay generic in their responses to questions during the interview process, so much so that the answers given can be used time and time again. Good experienced human resource specialists can tell if the answer is a pre- programmed response. They can also get a sense if there was any time vested in reviewing their company just by the nature of the candidate’s questions and responses. The front-end preparation will pay dividends, by increasing the odds in your favor!

In addition, you may find this company is not the right fit for you. Do yourself a favor then, do not try to fit a round peg into a square hole. If you are not right, say so. It will only end up being a lesson in frustration for you and for them. Frustration leads to job dissatisfaction. Inevitably, the end product of this is you resigning. Thus, another job-hop on your resume that could have been avoided.

Unfortunately, too many of us look back on our careers and see all the warning signs we ignored on some of the positions we have held. The red flags were going off and perhaps, our sense of pride did not allow us to fess up and admit we were not the perfect fit. As we moved forward, a great deal of time and energy, and the employer’s money, went into trying to right a wrong. It becomes a mission to prove your gut reaction was inaccurate. All this could have been avoided by moving forward to another career opportunity that did feel like the right one for you. And in doing so, you will have done this employer a service.

Take the time, up front, to ask yourself the ‘why hire me’ question as if you are the employer. Do the legwork by learning as much as you can about the position and the company. Only then, can you truly listen to your instincts and say with certainty, when asked the question, “Because I am the best candidate for this job!”
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