Intution, Our Best Friend

In my quest for the perfect career opportunity, I have been offered many jobs. I started keeping count but when I got to 10, I quit. In the past, I would have jumped on them immediately without a backward glance. I truly do believe we make our own opportunities in life. So I would have moved forward with a good offer even if it did not feel quite right, reassuring myself, I could turn the job into something I could love.

Time has taught me well to rethink this pattern. Too often we do not trust our own instincts. I have learned that about 80% of the mistakes we make in our life easily could be eliminated if we simply trusted ourselves.

Having survived cancer, I have the faith in my Higher Power and myself that a plan has been set for me. I pray, work hard and have a positive attitude while searching. I believe the plan for my professional career will materialize into something so wonderful that I will be humbled. Too often in the past, I have moved too quickly into a job that, from the initial stages, did not feel right. When my intuition was confirmed, I found myself looking in the mirror trying to see if I saw the word “Why’ tattooed on my forehead.

Intuition is priceless. It can be God steering us in the right direction. Too often, we let our egos grab the wheel right out of His hands and say, “Let me drive.” The signs are there, we just never pay attention to the red flags going up as warning signals. This time of my life I am going to watch, wait and listen.

Those of you that are now following this site and have offered me career opportunities and/or know of others I have received, please know I am touched by your willingness to consider me worthy to work for you. I am grateful for the consideration always!

I do have a non-compete from my previous employer and have the integrity to honor it. Plus. I believed in what I sold and really have no desire to compete against them for a client base. Webb/Mason does an outstanding job on many fronts and I remain proud to have been employed by them. They are known for hiring some of the best sales folks and personnel in the industry. I think my employment with them speaks volumes about the caliber of individual I am. My exposure to so many new diverse situations during my employ at Webb/Mason made it possible for me to leave confident, marketable and yet grateful.

I wanted time to think about where I want and need to be with my career. My motivation is to find the right career position, and not settle for just taking an employment offer that may or may not be a good fit for me and my personal goals. Taking a job offer is a lot like a marriage. It is a vested relationship. Too much job-hopping reminds me of divorce. Make the right commitment to the right person in the first place and then the hard work that follows is so worth it!
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