American Cancer Society's Signature Pink Event

Hard to believe for all those steadfast participants of last year that this year's Making Strides against Breast Cancer is upon us again. The walk is again scheduled at LP Field and will be held on Oct. 24, a Saturday in Nashville TN. Something tells me the sun will be shining because God will certainly be smiling!

Seeing people from all walks of live join together for one common cause is truly inspirational. It shows what the true meaning of community is and what the power of community can be. I love to see the faces of new comers to the event, as they stare in wonderment at the sheer volume of folks standing in the street, hearing the cheerleaders shout long before they are seen and as music is blasted throught out the downtown streets.

The flurry of 15,000 walkers, knowing that each step is putting them one closer to better treatments, more money for services and greater awareness to decrease diagnosed cases is divine.

Pink is the chosen color of the day to commerate little girls, though males can and do get diagnosed with breast cancer! I encourage each and every one that hears of this event to consider participating in some fashion. My team is Make Some Noise but the best gift of all is heightened awareness for everyone and a quiet moment of prayer. If you do that, trust me, God will smile even brighter and as the rays of the sun pierce down that day, truly we will all know and feel His warmth!