False Faces

I find it amazing how deceptive folks can be. I heard a Bishop tonight imply someting along my sentiments on a televised funeral. How many times do we hear folks quoting the Bible and not living by the Word? How many times do folks go to Church regularly and label folks freely and negatively all week?

Why do people live their lives by decieving others? The amount of energy invested in all this deception could be put to far better use by being honest, open and real. I heard someone say this week, "CEOs value candor." I think we all do. Be real, to decieve is self destructive and dishonest.

How you conduct yourself in day to day live is your legacy. Ask yourself what is yours? Are you truly accepting responsibility when you err? Don't wait till you are on your deathbed to right a wrong. Do it now!

Do yourself and others a blessing, express your true feelings. Let down your walls to those that matter in your life. Don't wait till someone you love is gone to tell them about how they have enriched your life. You won't get to see, first hand, the joy in their face.

I see cancer patients every day going to and from treatment. Folks that are not always sure tomorrow will come...in this world. I see them eager to do the things so many others take for granted, walk to the car unaided, take a shower, sit outside, talk to a friend.

Leaving work, each day, I then see this one man on the ramp to the expressway. Yes, every day he is there, no matter what the weather is like. He looks weary, coatless, ragged and with little on but tattered dirty clothes. Oh, one thing he always has on, a smile. It surprises me, each day, that smile. I sometimes wonder if he gets it better than so many others. He smiles...one with so little. Yet, many have so much and don't bother using their facial muscles for anything but grimacing over little challenges that shall pass! We truly need to take cues from those with less around us, enjoy your world, your life!

As I sit and reflect on a man that just died who did what we all do and continue to do, sinned, I am reminded of what defines our lives. One by one, individuals touched by his life eulogized him. Most of the most poignant moments were not about his sports records, nor his celebrity status. Nope, they spoke of his love of family, his quiet times fishing with his young sons, his love of his wife, his desire to visit children in need and give back. He would indeed of been proud that the small steps he took in life, things done out of the limelight, items that were not recorded by a sports announcer were what his legacy was and is. His accomplishments stand out in the record books and can't be taken away. But how he served the Lord, was using his giving nature. Oh, everyone knew and felt that tonight in their soul, his gift to the world was not when he held a football but what those loving hands did to help others score...socre in the game called LIFE.

We are not remembered but what we did not do. The unfinished items on your list will not define you nor create your legacy. What folks will remember are your smile, your honesty, your gifts....so give plenty, often, freely and without any sort of malice, self love and recognition. We all are given the choice to serve the Lord or ourselves. We have a limited time to make the choice. You could be one day away from hearing the words 'cancer' or a headline in tomorrow's paper. Do you know when you are going to be called to join the angels in heaven?

God taught us, thru His son Jesus, our time here is limited. Honestly, be real, are you making good use of yours?