Innermost Thoughts,Your Life as it Happens....Dear Diary & such...

Being a journal writer is an uphill battle for me. I have a tendency to go through dry spells. I seem more motivated when things aren’t going smooth, when I feel like I need to hit my knees and pray. Then, I have more to say, require more of a therapy session and thus, want to grab my journal book and get one for free. And, what does journaling actually do but force you to think and reflect. It is a stop and listen to yourself moment that hopefully creates an aha moment for free! 

 The experience of journaling is the cathartic act of allowing oneself to free flow think and capture it in writing. Communicating to yourself with no fear of judgement is liberating. It is not worrying about punctuation, grammar or spelling also. That slow can frequently slow down the process and interfere with your train of thought.  It is letting the hostility out without having the ugly confrontation that can often backfire.  It is telling someone where to go without mincing words but in a private safe place. It is having the great comeback that is never really said, days or maybe even years after the fact.  It is wrapping up the torn pieces possibly of your broken heart, a fragmented life and dysfunctional relationship.

Too many times, words get in the way of moving forward in your life. Once said, uttered by you or someone near, they can’t be erased nor their initial impact. Putting them down in a journal and releasing the feelings and your thoughts gets them out in a visual mirror and forces you to somewhat listen to yourself also. It is kinda like taking out the garbage and lightening the backpack of life’s stressors.  

Journaling can be as as simple as having coffee with a friend kind of conversation and catching up with the day. It is answering “How am I?”  It is “What did I do today” and “What is making my life incomplete?”  It is the mundane in other people’s lives perhaps but the stuff that makes you wonder makes me feel down or just day dream. Work it out awake, with all your senses in the solution.  Detail how you are changing.  

Family secrets can often be found in a journal’s pages. Put words to horrors, to discoveries, to missed opportunities, to tragedies. This is liberating for the soul and creates a history of life, of the life and times we live in. Your story may be someone else’s and it may, one day, help someone else get through.    Don’t carry the past into tomorrow so release it in a way you aren’t forgetting it, are documenting it if you need to reflect on it but are working through it. You are freeing up your energy and spiritual life to live in the now. The entries on pages of a journal ensure the legacy is left of once was.
 Giving praise to God through a journal is an incredible way to devote our prayers also. Many times prayer at the end of the day eludes people because the minute they hit the pillow sleep overcomes them.  A quick visit with a pen and paper is a super easy way to create your blessing list.  What are your top attributes as these are gifts to not only you but to the world.  Don’t ever let God think you take these blessings for granted. Let him know what you are trying to do to develop them and share them with others.

Soul searching is often most sincere when it is done alone. What are the riches that define your life?  Write them down so those that follow you know what you set out to do.  Prayer is communication; writing is a form of effective communication, even to God, thus the Bible. Document your thoughts, your questions, fears and faith issues. You may discover they are answered, simply in the writing process!

Time is slipping away. You are one of the millions of stars God gazes at daily. You are tasked with living fully this life you are given with all its ups and downs and curves along the way. Make sure your life experiences are captured in some way for others to learn or experience part of you.  So many things in life go left unsaid, unknown and when you are gone, they are buried.  Your life can’t be defined by a tombstone. Take pictures, journal or find some other way to make your statement about your life. Just maybe it will be a new beginning, starting with a “ Dear Diary. “  The rest of us can’t wait to hear about it, about you!