Ava's Reflection

Mirror mirror you cannot tell a lie
You know that my age sometimes makes me cry.
And often times causes me to lie!
But wise mirror, you also know well
I am starting to look like hell.

Old age isn't always kind,
It hits and it's as subtle as Here's your sign!

I think it is only fitting
That as I try to age with grace,
That someone came into my life
To remind me of my youthful pace.
Oh how I use to have energy that knew no bounds,
And I seldom ever frowned.

Wow, was I ever really so full of that much fire?
Did I  have that much spunk?
Did I light up a room, 
Could I jiggle my cute little trunk?  

Nah, I think darling Ava,
Was from a different mold,
She came out unique,
Loving, laughing & bold!

She is front and center in my life,
That is for sure.
And her cute little innocence
Is still so sweet and pure!

I think it is so fitting, oh mirror,
That the fairest maiden in all the land you see,
Is none other than my granddaughter Ava, 
Who comes by it naturally!

It is possible to love her any more

I seriously think not,
From the tip of her toes,
To her little pony tail knots,
I would not change a thing
About my kids' little Ava bug.
Because nothing is as priceless
As a Ava bear hug!