The Tear

Once in a while
In spite of the beauty that surrounds me
I feel that little bit of moisture start to seep out of my eyes
And I know a small storm is beginning to brew
Down in my soul
I can feel it and no one can see it

Not yet anyways
But they will, before not too long
My tear ducts are awakened again.

Sometimes they seem to go on forever on a dry spell
I can go through all the motions of life,

Ride the highs, coast through the gray skies
and feel no sorrow, just hopefulness

And even love the realities of life, the full circle
Life, living and death

Like four seasons

Winds of change

And then one day, out of the blue, like a hurricane no one saw coming,
my tears begin to fall.
Slowly at first, and then they pick up momentum,
sort of like they are making up for lost time.

I watch the raindrops fall on my wrist and I wonder
Why must life sometimes be so full of sadness
That raindrops come from my face and not just from the sky.
Is it perhaps because to be human is to feel humility, to feel vulnerable and yet to experience pain?

I hold fast to the notion this will pass
Knowing that in sadness there is always a rising that follows