Take a good look at me now!

I am on, what is commonly referred to as 'the job hunt.' I am searching for an exciting opportunity where I can use my skill sets and creativity in my career. And I am shocked at how difficult a job this is, looking for an inspiring opportunity. My heart goes out to the thousands of other folks out there traveling this same journey. Please know that you are not alone!

Most of us want a job that will help us achieve our dreams but to accomplish that, we need a paycheck. Without an acceptable income, though, it is hard to make dreams come true! Try it sometime and let me know how successful you are. It is not as if you hitch hike to Hawaii easilym given that it is surrounded by water! Going to the Hawaiin Islands would be another dream of mine, a place where beautiful beaches are easy on the eyes and flowers are worn around the neck as the norm.

Let me introduce you to me, I am Miss Queen of Networking. My contacts can tell you stories of how I have helped them make productive business connections and how I have helped open doors for folks seeking to make career changes. I have religiously delivered results. The irony here is that I have been more successful at connecting others to where they want to be than I have with myself. However, never before I have truly set my sights on connecting myself with the perfect job. Not before now...

Recently, I met Genma Holmes, a wonderful successful business woman. Genma was intrigued by my goal, that is, to find the career opportunity that allows me to reach my full potential. I exhibit a great deal of passion in all that I do and believe we can accomplish our goals if we take the steps. Genma suggested a new important step, "Veronica, you need a blog page. You need to expound on this search." Genma got it much quicker than I. Having just recently recovered from breast cancer, this is more than a career search for me...this is a journey towards what I am destined to do with the rest of my life. God has graced me with so much more time; I have came through this battle healthy on the other side.

After cancer, a survivor is overcome with the feeling of "Ok, where do I go now, now that all the doctors appointments and chemo sessions are over?" This is an important question for not only cancer survivors but anyone contemplating transitioning their career. Jobs give us a sense of value. Our careers help validate our existence.

Please travel along with me as I share some of my experiences with searching for the perfect opportunity. This journey will be a learning and growing experience for us all. I hope you enjoy the ride. Take a good look at me now!
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