Home Run Hitter

First impressions matter. First impressions last. You can spend a great deal of time trying to disprove them but usually, in the end, this is an unsuccessful venture.

Given this knowledge, it is of supreme importance, you make an initial impression interviewing, an effective positive one. The representation should be an honest one of who you are and what you can you could bring to the forefront to their organization. Too often, candidates try to be what they are not, the ideal candidate for a job not suited for them.

When a candidate interviews, the goal should be not be to present himself or herself exactly as they think the employer would like to them to be, some drummed up impression of the perfect employee. This is misleading. If an employment offer is made, with this premise being considered accurate, an employment may not last. In fact, usually it does not. The company may not be a match for the new employees skill sets and personality. This will not surface because the interview was done until false pretenses, an acting job.

Someone that was an excellent fit, in the interview process, may have been overlooked because of this deceptive interviewing technique. Eventually the true nature of an employee will prevail and it is best to make, from the very beginning, a fair representation of who you are. Put your best foot forward but make it an honest one.

It is important to put your best game face on too, when you interview. Just as a baseball player goes to bat, trying to take all that he has learned, and apply it to attempt to make a hit so he can be on the playing field, so must you. Your impression needs to be a compilation of all your experiences and skill sets presented in a positive light that is flattering to you. A home run hit should be the goal. That is, a showing of your best assets that you have to offer.

If you do this every time, you can walk away a winner, no matter where the ball falls on the field.
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