Big Picture

If I get one more call about a sales position I might just scream so loud I can be heard all through the city! I have lost count of all the times someone contacts me and says, “Please come work for us in sales!”

I do enjoy sales and have benefited financially from my success. But, I want to build on the other areas I have worked and excelled in also. In actuality, we are all in sales. Part of life and human interaction is selling ourselves to those around us. In the business world, every employee is a representation of a company, thus in sales. My career encompasses so much more than just completing the sales cycle. It is time to venture.

Resumes can be so misleading. Mine seems to be assessed solely based on past job titles. That alone is not representative of what I have done and will do for an organization. A resume is just a snap shot. It does not show the factors that are priceless to employers, e.g. integrity, work ethic, punctual attendance, creative thinker, and outstanding performer on all fronts. But yet, a resume is the measuring stick and device that either opens a door for opportunity or lands you in the “Do not interview” stack.

My resume highlights only some of my accomplishments. The true success has come from my ability to work outside of the box and strive for personal excellence. The reason clients diligently consulted with me was because of how I approached my job and performed it. Simply said, service sells. I follow up with everyone, from the smallest client to the one that buys a million dollars annually. Project management skills are vital for this to occur. Being proactive when overseeing projects is critical in having success too. Allow for the unexpected, perhaps plan for it!

The small stuff in life counts, professionally and personally. I pay attention to details. This helps offset errors. Lack of errors improves profitability. Improving the bottom line is invaluable and organizations appreciate someone that is concerned about the P & L statements. My clients are loyal to me and are, to this day, my friends. Too many sales folks are only looking at one figure, their commission statements.

Another skill set invaluable is relationship management. Asking good questions and actively listening is important to get to know someone and build a bond. I strive to understand industries from the inside out, from not only the perspective of the employee but also management. It shows depth of knowledge and reflects a vested interest.

This relational skill set has allowed me to propose marketing initiatives for improvements in organizations. Clients know I can help a company grow and increase brand identity. My goal is to make an indelible mark and oust their competition.

Some marketing campaigns possess a major flaw; tunnel vision. It is easy to become so complacent that the focus is on the internal vision of the company. It is so important to be objective and not downplay the importance of the intended audience’s perception. This step can’t be overlooked when creating any marketing or public relation blitz.

Marketing is sales; it is selling the company at large. This is where my passion is, helping create and project the big picture! If this critical business step is done well, it can literally remove hurdles from the sales team, knocking down doors that were not open before. Thus, I am on my personal quest to knock down a door for me to run through. I know I can find an organization that wants someone on board to help develop a ‘big picture’ that will forever change the perception of whom they are and what they represent to consumers and society at large. That is my passion and God willing, I will find it.
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