God's Protection - A Closed Door?

Today I had an appointment with an executive search firm. I knew of this agency through a dear friend who heard the CEO publicly speak. She immediately called me on the telephone speaking high praises for his rhetoric and his quest to follow God’s path in every aspect of his life. Her enthusiasm was contagious. “ I listened to him speak and just felt inside you two were destined to meet each other.” After a year of battling cancer, my life is surrounded by truth, joy and thanksgiving. A man that built a business paradigm on Christian values intrigues me and seemed a perfect place for me to be.

The communication with the CEO and I began with an email exchange. Unlike eharmoney.com, I feel this type of communication can only begin to scratch the service of the ‘getting to know each other process. This contact reviewed my resume and told me he did not have any existing clients looking for someone with my background. In spite of this, he offered to meet with me in his offices. I was delighted!

The day arrived and I was excited. I had already decided, after viewing his website at great length, this would be a wonderful place to work. I liked the fact that his business was built on true relationships and not a shotgun approach to filling employer’s needs for employees. This man’s work experience and prayerful review of his life had led him to this place in his life, his own Christian company. He understood and combined both missions, being successful professionally and a disciple of Christ.

As I sat in the lobby, I noticed the surroundings of his offices. Everything was calm, soothing but yet deliberate in its choice. It was high quality, but down to earth. I knew instinctively this man was capable of having balance. The offices look that way the minute you walk inside the doors.

At first glance, this CEO is not an overpowering intimidating man. He appears soft spoken, thoughtful when he speaks and an avid listener. Those outstanding listening skills had to be an asset for his large clients to know for certain; they have their business challenges in the right hands. Once he began speaking, quickly it becomes clear he listens intently to God for direction with his life.

My direction, which was more or less, his question to me, is not as clear-cut. I know what I do well, what I enjoy doing and what I would like to do. I said a silent prayer that the right words would come from my lips. My hope was that this man would look at me, listen with an open heart and mind and say, “Where have you been? We have been waiting for you to come in so we could get our business to the next level!” When I opened my mouth, I elaborated some on what I can do and why I was excited to be meeting with him.

The CEO then took the lead, explaining his business design. He went to great lengths to show and demonstrate one of his client’s needs being met, including the complete visual proposal. I understood completely why clients pay him a retainer. It was, by far, the most thorough job I have ever seen of not wasting a clients’ time and finding the cream of the crop in the industry for an executive position. He has a complete approach that leaves little room for error. It is no surprise that most of his business is repeat business and referral work.

Unfortunately, when he then turned the focus back to me and asked me what he could do for me, something in the way he asked it made my heart drop. I felt that sense of dread come over me; I had not sold myself to him. I had not delivered the goods. I had hoped my enthusiasm for his company, the appreciation of his design, and my honesty at where I was at in my life would make him see, perhaps God wanted me sitting right there in front of him. Just maybe God wanted him to create an opportunity for me to join his mission. What he felt was different, I am sure because what came out were these important words of advice, “Rejection is God’s protection.”

It was a gamble to go there and speak to him of sorts. I wanted to try to convince him that his company could be marketed in more ways than just relationship building. Though I am a strong proponent and successful myself at that skill set, I do feel there are other things business owners can and should do to improve visibility and add brand identity.

This was a good man I met today, an awesome choice for anyone looking for the best executive team for his or her company. I admire him greatly! I also think his idea of tithing about 10% of his business is a great idea all companies should implement for the good of mankind. I could not help but wonder, while I was sitting there and he said it, was I part of the 10% tithe?

Our meeting ended with him giving me some prized reading materials. I was touched by his generosity to give me reading materials that touched his soul. He also gave me some ideas to contemplate about my career search. His enlightenment was wonderful, e.g. only 10% of jobs are filled off job boards.

At the end of the day, he is right, though, one can only do what one can do and have faith we are walking God’s plan. We can pray that one day, the right door will open. I did what he said, I reached out and knocked on a door. But, what was on the other side was the message relayed to me, “Rejection is God’s protection’ but I really did not think I needed that protection this time. Sometimes I guess I am wrong.
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