Friendships can be Fleeting

Friendships can be fleeting,                     

They may simmer and be hot,
Sharing highs and lows
Helps one mature a lot.

But life is full of challenges.
And relationships can unfold,
When feelings aren’t reciprocated,
The end of the story should be told.

It is hard when there are memories,
That fill your heart with joy,
But over time those moments
Can become a decoy.   

Our lives are enriched,
Just by having friends,
But it is important to recognize
When the time has come for it to end.

Not every friend is there forever,
For our standards do go up,
One must ask themselves,
Is the quality filling my cup.

There is no goodbye spoken,
No words from the lips will pass,
But distance grows insipidly
And the feelings are gone alas.

Do not look with sadness,                    
For the goodness was worth the pain,
Losing time with one friend,
Opens windows for future gain.

The thinner we spread ourselves,       
By hanging on to unreliable friends,
Translates to less energy,
To the dear friends that will bend.

So when you evaluate a friendship,
A word of strong advice,
Ones to truly value,
Are friends who always treat you nice.

Proverb 18:24
One who has unreliable friends  soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. 
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