Out of Touch Blogger!

Author: Jeanette Lynn Dundas
Attending a Book Signing show recently reminded me of how negligent I have been in writing my blogs. I apologize wholeheartedly to those that follow me. It is a matter of making the time, not finding it as time is there if you make any task a priority.

Writing is a passion of mine, though I lack the list of credentials I see on many bloggers page. At times it shocks me that so many follow me but then again, I am not impressed by
college educations, what someone’s title is. No, I am impressed by who they are now, how they give to others and what lessons they can teach me on my growth journey. So perhaps I touch a few of those qualities in you, the reader.

Finding material is only hard when you have a mental block.  The world is full of exciting things to write about and most of us live high on emotions so that generates plenty of dialogue to capture on paper.  And, lately for me, I have been scrutinizing every topic I want to blog about wondering if it will hold anyone’s interest but mine.

The answer is yes. Many times the articles I have written that I have put the most thought
Dan Alatorre - Author
and energy into do not net the greatest statistics of readers. It is usually that impulse write that comes straight from the heart that seems to spread over social media much quicker and to a larger audience.

So, with that said, I will try to stay back in touch! 

Veronica Gliatti
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