Empowerment with the Right Person

Women are thriving, but barely at times, being pushed and pulled in so many directions.
There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get all the tasks completed at work 

and home.  Somewhere in this mix, their identity can get lost, you!  And then personal identity, self-improvement, decreasing anxiety, addressing long-standing issues affecting your life are pushed aside as each day, and month, year goes by.  Well, you are just too important for that to continue!  I did the same thing when I was working. But that was before I met Beverley Glazer.  Now she is an active part of my life and I hope you make the same choice.  Here’s why:

Beverley has an exceptional background in counseling, therapy and coaching for self-development and a multitude of issues for women.  It is not that easy to find someone with such a diverse background. The advantage of this is the extra insight she can bring to any situation. You may come to someone for direction/opinions with one thought in mind and easily it may cross over completely into another area. With Bev, she can spot it pretty quickly and work with you on everything. 

My primary draw to Beverley is the passion she brings to her work. Even after 25+ years of working in the field, she still approaches what she does with the love and caring of making a difference in other’s lives.  An example of this scheduling. She opened her practice to now be worldwide. No longer do women have to be tasked with leaving home or the office to work with her. If you view her site, and contact her, she works with your schedule and makes it work around your life even offering online courses. 

The fact that a woman with her experience would create a one hour, sixty minute course you can take by telephone or skype speaks volumes. Who does this? You have the opportunity to talk with a unique woman about your needs and not be dissected by someone with an agenda of questions and diagnostic tests to keep you coming back for more. So many of us detest that!

We all need to make changes. Talking to friends is great, reading articles and getting on the internet is good legwork. But nothing replaces having a tour guide. Without it, it is like going to Paris on a vacation without a guidebook or a map.  So much time will get wasted and the visit may be a lesson in frustration.  Having a tour guide will help you get the max out of the trip or a great guide book can get you right where you want to go. Many of us have found Beverley is like that with women’s lives.  She helps create and direct your steps for where you want to go, what you want to change, and she gets you there a whole lot quicker and easier. The best part is you get a supportive coach cheering you on every step of the way.

We all have our own goals, at least we should. Too many friends rely on each other to solve them. And honestly, it gets old getting dumped on.  Objectively listening and expert advice far exceeds the later. Take your time and put it to productive use with someone who has a proven track record with folks.  Read Beverley’s blogs and see her mentality about life, it is not necessary to take my word for it.  

To quote Beverley, “Making changes does not have to be painful or frustrating. It should be elevating and transform you.”  And yes, we can all do it, and move our lives forward far better than we imagined. Life should not be a rut.   
Women focus too hard on being mothers to those around them, somehow falling into that nurturing role.  Also, it becomes culturally acceptable for us to work on changing people with dysfunctional behavior or ‘saving them’.  What about us, who is saving us?   Without even realizing it, we become part of the problem and we need saved. And we need to focus on doing it, now, sooner not later!

Stress and anxiety needs to decrease. Hitting personal goals should be on your agenda and actively worked on. Accomplishing this is proven to lead to a more joyful fulfilled life. Beverley is honestly one of the few coaches that actually enjoy being a part of your progress, your success and your ability to move on beyond her reach. A Beverley ism: “I’d love to offer you insights and advice so that you can attain your happiest and highest self. “

Do yourself a favor and follow her website below or any of her other forms of social media boards.  Too many people I know have given up hope on being able to reduce their weight, their stress or improve their morale. They have issues in their life and have a hard time seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

Beverley is the one that can help you find and fill those gaps and approach life with a new
attitude!  You will find, like me, her wonderful sense of humor will leave you smiling. Her caring nature will make you feel you are not alone. Her directional signs will empower you and guide you to be and go in the direction you desire.  The only thing stopping you is putting the key in the ignition and starting the engine.  

On a personal note:  I connected with Beverley over a year ago or more. I can’t remember a pre-Beverley time. I learned that her ideal clientele seemed to fall in the range of +50 women. Furthermore, these women all had one thing in common. All seemed to be going through transitions of one sort or other and had issues associated with them.  That was a good definition of where I was.

Most of us push those issues aside trying our best to deal with them on our own but yet not really making measurable progress, if any. I saw her writing about working on career, life, health and family challenges. Her blog covered topics on self-esteem for women and empowerment, and I saw issues on women during the aging process. This, in particular, peaked my interest as here was someone speaking to me. Here was out there who had specific concrete ideas of how to approach this successfully. 

She had a map, so to speak and I wanted it!  Having someone help me navigate the waves and redefine who I am has made a monumental change in my life and those around me. I wish those I know and those I don’t struggling that renewed vigor and love of life Beverley has given me and continues to give me.   


You can contact Beverley on Twitter at @BeverleyGlazer

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