Best Hand Cream Around!

Working for a chemical company, my ex-husband found hands are something that take a beating. Daly Company in Ludlow, Kentucky where he worked for years,  had a chemist on staff who was looking for solutions to this on-going issues for employees. He was conducting several tests on a wide range of products to determine which hand cream was best for the employees on staff. This product was to be used for employees in both the warehouse and those working directly with chemicals. 

My husband came home from work one night and told me about this testing going on. I was an Avon Representative. I had been using and selling quite a lot of Silicone Glove as I personally found it to be the best hand cream on the market and quite affordable. I suggested he take in a few tubes to the chemist on staff to test. 

Within several weeks, all testing was done and it was determined the Silicone Glove was the best product for their company to use. Daly Company in Ludlow, KY,  from then on ordered all their hand cream from me. It became so popular that all the employees in the company were utilizing it.

If you have not tried this product or any of their other hand creams, give it a try! If it is good enough for them, it is certainly good enough for your hands!

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