The Easy Choice May Not be the Best

I am finding, the older I get, the election process is pretty well set in stone.  American voters are single-mindedly focused and prefer to make a choice, early on, and stick with it. The undecided voters are the only ones that hedge.

Americans tend to rally around a candidate and then only seek out information that supports and validates the candidate of their choosing. Anything that contradicts their preferred choice, they chose to ignore. None of the media articles are read that pose alternative views of their candidate whether it be contradictory information on their stance on issues, ways of accomplishing mission statements or their record.  Even on simple things such as if what they have been projected to have done in the past, if proven wrong, voters refuse to listen.

Once decided, a voter is close-minded, in general to any swaying. Thus, in this election, on the GOP side, we have seen many GOP candidates struggle to try to topple Trump to no avail. Each trying in their own way to unseat him, point out his fallacies and then wondering why his supporters have not fallen from his fold.  At the core, his actions, statements and history appears to be of no consequence.

Donald is not alone either. Other GOP candidates had supporters that did much the same. Regardless of their histories, policies, statements, etc. their supporters backed them right up till they dropped out of the race. Anyone the candidate attacked, they attacked, refusing to bend.

On the Democratic side, we have both Bernie supporters and Hillary supporters aggressively attacking each other. Bernie fans are so adamantly opposed to her that they are siding with the Republicans in saying she is not worthy to be considered as a Presidential candidate.  This is giving further fodder to the Republican side for President. They condemn her actions as Secretary of State even though many of his voters are too young to remember her actions. Many of his supporters are going off the media reports and not delving into the court proceedings wanting to believe the worst of her as it’s easier.

On the flipside, Hillary supporters are quick to rise to her defense and not consider Bernie’s suggested platform ideas as plausible.  They feel as if he is not a true Democratic as he was always liberal so his ideas are no good and financial not feasible without looking at them critically with an open-mind.   Without looking at the financial impact to the economy,  they remain steadfast in their devotion to their Presidential pick.

What this all means, voters taking a stance towards their first choice and sticking with it through thick and thin, is making the choice easy.   It is far harder and more challenging to seriously consider all candidates and weigh all factors evenly when evaluating this office. We have a campaign running for the highest position in the land. This position is our vocal point for our nation, representing all of our unified states to all the other nations across the globe.

We are blessed to have the freedom and the luxury of examining all the facts on every candidate. So many women and men died for our freedom and still put their lives on the line for our freedoms.  Too many have fallen out of the race already and may not have if Americans had taken the time to explore each with a critical and yet exploring thorough eye.  We must allow ourselves the freedom to change our minds, change our votes if the research shows a better candidate is more deserving than we originally supported.  We must not fall victim to propaganda of media hype or social media trends by limiting our information flow to simply one candidate or the norms and refuse to consider another candidate may be the better pick for our nation.

I challenge you to go outside your comfort zone.  Look with a non-discriminate eye, as you do for the candidate you are supporting, and be certain you are backing the right person for your opinion of what is best for our country.  Make certain you are reviewing all the facts, all the issues and making an informed decision of your own choosing and not just making the easiest one. 

Note:  This blog is not endorsing any candidate or party. 
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