Staples Affordable and Be Your Best

Okay I admit it, I love trying out new make-up, buying jewelry and pampering myself.  But, I hate spending large amounts of money on it. I feel so many companies are a rip-off. So years ago I sold Avon and found out many of their products worked just as good if not better. And many become staples. So let me share just a few I have on hand all the time and why.

First, since my hair is fine and never has enough volume, I learned, post selling, their Advance Techniques Shampoo is very good and not a stripping shampoo. I use
Ultimate Volume but all kinds are excellent. I do not believe in using only one kind of shampoo so alternate it with my favorite beauty salon brand Bamboo but this is my other preferred brand always in stock at my house!

Next, unwanted facial hair is a deterrent for the perfect look, especially on those days when it is sunny or in good light!  Skin So Soft Fresh and Smooth Facial Hair Removal Cream works great for a quick fix. However, this is best used at night as it can make your face momentarily red. Thus I use the kind for Sensitive skin. If you buy it, use it the minimum time stated first. I follow up with either cold cream, moisturizer or face oil. You should love it.  Either way, write a review on their site sharing your experience.

Staying with the face, my favorite newer product is the Brow Kit! Totally does the job better than anything I have used! It comes with a small brush and you can brush on your brows shaping them making brows look natural and it even has a highlighter color to soften and enhance the lines of your browline to finish the look

For cheeks, the best bronzer on the market is Avon Glow Bronzing Powder.  I even use this sometimes simply as a blush when wanting a light summery look.  This is perfect.  You can mix those too with other shades of blush for a different look.

The blush that is perfect for blending that is a mainstay for me is their line called Smooth Minerals Blush. Love the naturalness of the blush and the ability to put on thick or thin. If the blush is put on too thick, it is very
easy with cotton balls or a tissue to blot less dark. This can even be removed and reapplied if you are like me, change your mind and want a different shade on a given day/night.

One item I am never ever without is called Avon Setting Spray!  Theirs I find is the best. No fragrance, no stickiness and it works wonderfully.  Hold slightly away from the face, once make-up is applied and spray with this pump
spray bottle and walla, your make-up should stay in place. This is something I have struggled with for years with my perfect make-up face losing its luster within hours of leaving my house!

I don’t like being inundated with too many ideas at once. The more overwhelmed I am, the less likely I am to try anything so let me leave it at this. Don’t take my word on any of this. Feel free to visit their site at my husband’s link https://jbronold.avonrepresentative.com/  and check out the reviews for any of the products I have mentioned. See what women are saying and you decide if they are worthy of a try!  I would love to hear your thoughts! 

Remember beauty is more than skin deep!

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