The Stone

It was so elegantly designed,
With so much lovingly thought,
And the timing was perfect,
When it was bought.

It spoke volumes
With its color so clear,
And was a constant reminder
Of the love that felt so near.

It reminded me always,
Of all of the years and all the tears,
Things that had been shared.

Moments that had been highs
              and moments that been lows,
And all the sacrifices    
                          and the  loving care.

Seeing it let me know,
The seed that I sow,
Would continue to grow.

Silly I suppose,
Looking back at that time,
I had assumed it would last forever,
That bond that feels it should be mine.

But nothing in life
                Is a given
Nothing should be taken for granted,
           Not even the shine of stone,
Not even love that has grown.

One day you could awaken
Deep out of a slumber,
And find your days are numbered.

Looking down at your ring,
Your heart loses a string.

     Gone is the stone,

           A piece of your heart is cracked 
                       never to be replaced 
                                 just like the ring.