You Are Beautiful

So much emphasis is put on women to be beautiful that it is becoming important to understand where true beauty originates, from within.  We all are created equal, by God.  In His eyes, we are all beautiful, made exactly how he destined us each to be. 

However, once outside the womb, in the real world, society puts these unreal
expectations on females of what the standards should be.  Most cannot hit that mark, that goddess image that marketing agencies seem to push on the make-up ads, the perfume commercials, the women laying on the beach wearing skimpy bathing suits that many women can’t fit in.  These benchmarks are traits that women are either born with or without, having no control over the later.  This is simply an unfair stick of measurement to evaluate the true beauty of a girl or woman.   

The definition of beauty for a woman needs to begin at home, in the confines of your family. This essence should be discussed with children, of both sexes, as they are developing. The topic will help formulate ideas forcing current and future generations to be more open-minded to those school aged girls and women that are not the epitome of a marketing firm’s idea of ‘beauty.’ 

This is more important than ever with bullying reaching epidemic proportions. 
Children must learn early on to not judge based on looks and that girls and women that do not have long flowing hair or thin figures can still be beautiful as beauty comes from within.  Emphasizing this now, at a young age or at any age, affects all women in a positive manner. We all benefit from this change in paradigm. Basing opinions of people on superficiality is nonsense and harmful to us all.  

Too often I am asked by recently diagnosed breast cancer women how losing a breast will affect their femininity.  Will their mate find them desirable?  Is it not unfortunate enough that they have to fight off cancer but compound it now with fears of their essence of being a woman questioned?  So many feel their beauty is fleeting.  Large breasts or any breasts do not make a woman.  Appendages on one's body do not make a woman more or less beautiful much as a penis does not make a men attractive or unattractive. Women are attractive to real men because of what lies within and radiates outward. Character, integrity and sensuality does not come from physical looks.   

Please consider coming up with your own definition of beauty and share it with others.Make it based on controllable factors and recognize we are all created as part of God's perfect plan You may be saving many other women from heart ache without even realizing it and people from persecution.  

Please click on link if interested in my video on the diversity of beauty in my small world of women I see:  Click Here
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