When the rain is falling down,
Somewhere children are running in their neighborhood streets,
Laughing and singing and dancing under a gloomy sky,
That matters not to them as they are full of glee and smiling.
A smile makes it all worthwhile.

When labor pains overtake a pregnant woman,
And all she can think of is the intensity of the pain
and the uncertainty to come,
Be at peace.
Know she is within hours of experiencing a newborn baby,
And once she feasts her eyes on its face,
Her face will light up with a smile like never before.

When it snows hard and even adults run outside to experience it,
Sticking their tongues out,
Looking up to the sky with eyes closed,
All for the taste of snowflakes on their outstretched tongues
Rest assured, someone is watching
And will smile at the silliness of childlike abandonment of adults.

When birthdays roll around
Denoting years are passing by,
Teasing begins about the aging process
No one can escape this element of a birthday.
But through out these days of celebration,
With cakes, candles and gifts,
Smiles will abound in light of the landmark day.

The list of firsts fills the calendar of life,
First Grade, first car, first date, first job,
Most of these hallmark days are times of joy and happiness,
Creating memories to last a lifetime.
They begin and end with a smile.

When faced with death,
No matter the time or place,
The spirit seems to sense that live on earth is coming to an end.
Though loved ones are being left behind,
Look no further than the inside of your soul to be at peace.
Know that your spirit will be lifted and soar to the heavens
And then, only then ...
Can you smile for all eternity.
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