Valentine's Day Wishes

So often, in day to day life, we forget to tell our significant mate that we are in love with them. Perhaps that is why Valentine’s Day was invented. I have a funny feeling it was founded by a woman as a reason to not have to sing “You Don’t Send Me Flowers Anymore.” Not everyone gets flowers for this holiday but it does seem to the easiest choice and the one that truly makes a woman feel special. Those mates that are not enamored by floral gifts and prefer the sweetness of milk chocolate also benefit immensely by the traditions of Valentine’s Day in giving and receiving candy hearts.
Years ago, I worked for a time in a lingerie department over Valentine’s Day. What I learned in listening to men shop during this time was that they felt flowers were a waste of money and were overprized. Their idea of the ideal gift was something small, sexy and feminine. When it came to these types of purchases, price tags were not even looked at or considered. I always found it ironic because it seemed to me, based on their comments, a dozen roses would last in the room much longer than the outfits they were purchasing. Plus the gift seemed as much for them as their spouses. And yet, I had to give them credit for walking in that type of department and purchasing something intimate for their love.
Gifts are nice reminders of the love inside. Regardless of the gift or the card, the most important part of the holiday is the iconic symbol, a heart. Hearts are essential for life and the love hearts reflect is powerful to one’s soul. May you take time to tell those you love and that make you feel special, sweet and desirable how much they bring to your life. Don’t assume that others know it. Reaffirm it by telling them and thanking them. May your Valentine’s Day be the start of a new budding romance or may it rekindle the flame of a long standing love.
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