Olympic Gold for all Nations

As I watch the Olympic games of 2010, I cannot help but be struck by the solidarity among the athletes. Such a vast number of countries are represented but yet all with a common goal, to win a medal or perform their personal best. Just to be there, in attendance, a competitor or spectator, is a thrill in and of itself.

The harmony shown during these winter games is apparent to television viewers al over the world. In our prospective companies, we have deep abiding pride in our athletes and joy when they win but yet we still marvel at other country’s men and women’s accomplishments. We are in awe of the winners, standing on top of the podium in each event, even if our own flag is not front and center. Each of us recognizes athlete greatness is those participants receiving gold. Regardless of the differences of their respective country’s politics, and their own individual beliefs, all the athletes seamlessly come together to compete in good spirit. There are a few exceptions but, by and large, most are unique and supportive. Crowds cheer on all competitors and all victors. The camaraderie is apparent even to the occasional viewer.

This makes me wonder at the paradox we all are witnessing, as I pull back and look at the big picture, the world front. Why is there not a greater sense of peace among nations? The peace and tranquility of games played on the wide world stage is full of fairness in rules. This code of ethics should be followed by all, in their country’s politics and rhetoric approach to other nations. And yet, the diversity seems to be the very element that creates fractures in unity on every other stage but the Olympic Games. On the world’s political scene, there is clearly a lack of respect for varying viewpoints. The United Nations seems incapable of making it happen as hard as they might try.

My hope is that, more so than remembering winning medals, the legacy of this year’s winter Olympic Games will be the solidarity among nations. If we can hold fast to the personal interest stories we have seen and heard, just maybe the animosity between nations can slightly disintegrate. Maybe we can encourage our political representation respectively to acquiesce. The personal interest stories of many of these athletes are touching and yet similar of the struggles of each of our respective nations. These stories, these men and women of courage and drive, show the perseverance to rise above, to make the ordinary exceptional. They serve a prime example of how our countries must approach world peace.

With solidarity in mission, openness to diverse cultures and a willingness to belong, our world can be more unified. Then we all can win gold!
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