Excellent Workplace Violence Prevention Consultant - Felix Nater

Many of you that follow me know that from time to time I like to spotlight someone who is inspiring. Such is my blog below on Mr. Felix Nater of Nater Associates, LTD. Security Management Consultant helping organizations implement and manage workplace security with a specialty in workplace violence prevention and violence response. 

There is so much violence in our society, anger and turmoil that it naturally carries over into the workplace. When I was working, I had major issues when I was running independent office locations. What I quickly learned is that, even though I took extra security measures, I never felt completely safe, nor did my employees. Today there are far better resources available if you know where to look and who they are. If I had known Mr. Nater, I would still be running at least one of those successful businesses instead of leaving. See, in the workplace, even managers deal with bullies and that situation can escalate also.  

One of the best I have seen in the field I actually met in a serendipitous way, through social media. I have a close network of business friends I interact with on Twitter who are independent business owners. Many months ago, one of them told me about a gentleman named Felix Nater. I began reading his tweets and quickly learned he has a passion for diffusing workplace violence and issues surrounding workplace bullying and harassment. His expertise extends well beyond this. His mastery of the subject matter far outclasses anyone I have ever encountered. Not only can Mr. Nater understand the issues but he can assess collateral damages, recognize warning signs and can create effective prevention steps. Mr. Nater services offered are quite extensive. He is the real deal, the expert in this field. Mr. Nater humanizes the delivery of a difficult subject. 

In addition to his professional career, I have found Mr. Nater to be a caring family man with a heart of gold. Honestly, any introduction or explanation I can give of what all he does and who he is as a man would be an injustice compared to what you would learn following him.  Viewing  his website and reading some of his articles gives you a taste of his experience and ability to apply and master this field. I strongly encourage you to take the time to review it and pass his information on to professionals in the field and academia, basically anyone who has an interest in this area. He is a reservoir of knowledge and is the type of gentleman who believes in learning  we further our own education. Let's face it, bullying, violence and safety is of utmost concern in society to us all. 

Truly it has been both an honor and a blessing to interact with someone of the caliber of Felix Nater.

Twitter: @FelixNater                             http://www.naterassociates.com/

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