Christmas 2016 Experiences thru the Eyes of Mrs. Santa

Not that often do I read something and literally stop and have to reread 
it a second time because I am so blown away by sections of it! I was so 
touched by this blog/article that I reached out to this long ago friend to 

ask her permission to post the link to the piece here in the hope she would 
say yes so I could share it today, Christmas Eve Day, with all of my followers.  

Giving of oneself and spreading the world of Christian's giving at Christmas is 
what this season is about.  This attitude makes me grateful to celebrate the season with all of you and also to call Genma Holmes a friend. Read this and please be blessed and pass it on. We can all learn some wisdom from this piece.  

Merry Christmas!
Reflections from Ms. Santa and Christmas 2016

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