Your Son Is Gone But Free

Do you ever get over missing a son,
Wishing the past could be undone?
Do you ever get rid of that empty stare,
That reveals the pain that you bare?

At first you are in a trance,
Going through the motions,
Trying to just get through day to day,
While others are giving you devotions.

No amount of words from others,
No amount of praying,
Can help the upper lip from quivering,
The stoic faith you had is fraying.

Your images of your son,
Are only memories from the past.
He is gone from this earth,
So don’t let those fade fast.

It‘s hard not to question why,
It’s even hard to cry,
But as the world goes on,
You know you mustn’t come undone.
Reflection is powerful,
It helps us move on,
It may not provide all the answers,
But it allows the soul to look to a new dawn.

Things happen for a reason,
He is in a far better place,
He has been given God’s grace.

You wonder silently,
Did your son’s life matter to others
Like it mattered to you,
Or is because he’s yours,
That when you hear his name,
You feel your heart is torn in two.
But you know inside,
Yes, he fulfilled God’s plan,
Your son’s life touched others,
He had become a troubled man.

Not everyone chooses the high road,
Not everyone gets an easy way out,
Some have to pay for their bad choices,
And some are just always shrouded in doubt.

He is at peace,
I know you see him here and there,
But I also see your pain when you look in the distance,
When I see that blank empty sad stare.
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