....And Then There Was big girl Ava

 I have had many wonderful moments in my life.  Moments where I thought nothing to come would ever surpass the experience.  Events that centered around my family, in particular my children and also there have been places I have visited that were dream vacations for me. 

When I look back, there are far too many to name.  As I age, perhaps it is safe to say that there are
even too many to recall.  Yes, I am getting closer all the time to my Grandma Gliatti’s age and one day, I will look in the mirror and perhaps see a reflection looking back at me that bears even more resemblance to her.
But the one thing I never expected in the line of superior events in life was a little pint sized child to rate up there on the list of most prized moments in life.  That is, any time spent with her is special indeed.  With her unpredictable attitude, a smile that lights up a room and personality bigger than life, she has attached herself to my heart strings and every moment I spend with her is a highlight in my life.

I am talking about none other than my one and only granddaughter.   I think God intended for me to only have one for He knew Ava could not be surpassed. She is a handful so he only gave me one.   (God knows everything; he planned this perfectly!) 

Whether she is gouging up my make up by literally digging into it, and proudly putting it under one side of her face, as she is fond of doing, she turns into a beauty queen who looks like she has been beaten up.  But never mind, she is proud of her cosmetology skills and so am I!

So many times, when I watch her, it is like a slice of the past. She mimics her Aunt Boo Boo, my daughter, in many ways.   Both, as children have no volume control. When they walk into a room, it can be like a tornado hit. No one has any doubt who Ava is just as with my own daughter.  The energy and life they emit is contagious.  Dancing, walking on tippy toes and singing came naturally to Boo just like it does to Ava.  It is amusing to see that many of the same traits Ava’s daddy finds amusing in his own little girl he found irritating as ever in his sister.  Now he has to live with them all over again!   I suppose he has learned to just suck it up! 

The loving nature of Ava is one of the things, when I die, I will miss the most. The way she holds my
cheeks in her hands and looks at me and then kisses me.  My heart melts when I watch her comfort her baby elephant at bedtime and tell him not to be scared that it is bedtime and that she will protect him and it is time to go to sleep.   What a kind caring big heart in a tiny little chest.   It sure makes me proud I brought her daddy into this world. 

When I go to Ava’s house, she immediately tells me to take off my shoes.  That is her way of saying to me she does not want me to leave. She will continue saying it over and over again until I remove them.   It is an endearing trait, like so many others she has.  I sometimes wish I could capture all these little nuances and put them in a time capsule so when she grows up she could look back and see the beauty of what she was as a little girl.   She would indeed be proud.   I know, by then, I won’t be here forever or remember to tell her all of the little details that make her so darn special and uniquely her. 

It melts my heart when she is sad because she is, by nature, a happy child who enjoys life.   When her language processing catches up to her speaking skills, she will not be good at keeping secrets!  I can foresee in the future a blabber mouth of sorts like her aunt!  Oh, not everything, just the things no one wants her to tell anyone! 

Ava is real, Ava is precious, Ava is genuine and Ava is one of my greatest blessings.  When I go to heaven, I will ask but one thing.  I want to be the angel that, every time Ava’s mouth turns into a frown, I can slip back down from heaven and push the corners gently back up into a smile.   And ever so softly whisper in her ear, “I love you, smile, you are Grandma’s big girl!  I have your backside always."

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