The Grandma Mommy Connection

I am astounded my grandchildren are growing up so quickly! I am wondering what my children are feeding them. I am beginning to think it is some kind of aging juice that is the opposite of the fountain of youth, that I still have not found. Just a few days ago, they were slobbering all over me, cooing and allowing me to change their diapers. Infact, they loved laying still while I sang to them.

This weekend, I had both of my older two grandkids, Ava and Kaleb over night. Needless to say, I was quickly reminded just how different the two of them have become, having them together. Gone are the joy of changing diapers, replaced by toilet duties with two children who, once pants are removed for potty duty , prefer, at Grandma’s house, to leave the pants off and go around with naked bottoms to the dog’s delight running through the house to Grandma’s dismay. They screamed with delight at the sound of my voice yelling “Come back here naked bottoms and put your pants on!”

The slobbering has been replaced with repeated requests for drinks, of one sort or another. And of course, each child has their own individual preferences and at no time, did either child want the same drink. Oh, until the other one had it, then the other one, out of pure envy, insisted on having it. Cousin rivalry was much like sibling rivalry. It was funny to sit back and watch it play out. Thankfully they kissed and made up rather quickly, realizing that hurt feelings are no fun.

As far as baby coo sounds, Ava’s coos have been replaced with high shrills sounds that little girls seem to thrive on making. I daresay the sound of her scream literally made our glasses rattle in the cupboards! And Kaleb, being a typical boy, detested her screams and let it be known. He would yell “bad’ and strongly suggest she go in a “time out ‘ to learn to be quiet like him. Ironic and somewhat amusing as he was yelling these words and not being quiet. As he barked out these orders, I wondered if this dawned on him? Children never see their own faults, but then again, do adults either?

There were moments of sheer joy when little baby smiles were replaced with “Grandma, I love you's” that melt the heart. No longer are they babies, but little personalities capable of expressing their feelings in their own words. The three little words, said with no prompting, make the world a better place. And how can a Grandma say no to little ones when hearing this? I know their parents don't agree but I find it excuses just about everything that could possibly do wrong!

We decorated treats and we made crafts and it gave me time to see their individuality and their uniqueness come out. I knew, from research I had done in college, that art and craft work, lowers defense mechanisms. Thus, true personalities and uncensored thoughts come out. As Grandpa and I interacted with both of them, they become so open. They expressed every thought that came to mind, what colors they liked, what they wanted to do, and which color ribbon they wanted on their plate. We let them do exactly what they wanted to do too. It was funny to watch as they kept waiting to put kept in check, to be told no to this color, or to using the glue or to not use so many sprinkles. It was actually funny to see their faces when they realized there was no bars hold on their craft project. Grandpa and I worked with them, guiding them but letting them make their own decisions and we all laughed and had a wonderful time. There was plenty of I love you's in the air during the couse of these projects too. That was the best part!

I almost hated to put the crafts away and as I looked at my husband across the table I could tell he felt the same way. We both knew, this little moment in time, this would pass. One day, we would have them back at our house and they would be into something totally different. No longer would it be Rice Krispie Treats and paper plates to decorate. It would be something more exotic, and the conversation would be more mature. Our Ava and Kaleb would not be giggly, silly little three year olds. That day would come as quickly as the time had passed from their infant
stage to now.

I knew inside, with God’s grace and also with the blessing that they both had of loving parents, that they would continue to be very special children. I would love them just as deeply as I did now and when they were born, no matter what stage of life my two darling grandchildren were. I know that Grandpa and I will always find the greatest joy in sitting back, watching and listening to them. They light up our world. And never ever will “I love you Grandma” get old.

Is that not what mommies live for?
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