Releasing the Reins (By Karen D. Koeppe)

When I read this short prose below, written by a dear friend, I immediately found that the more I read it, the more it said. I asked her permission to print it here on my blog page as I know from the traffic report, there is a following. I wanted her to get the exposure she deserves for writing this and for the piece, I wanted it to have a chance to resound in others as it has with me. I hope you will find it equally moving and share it with others. Enjoy!

I don’t want to be “in control” of the comings and goings in my life. I want to trust in the universe to take care of my agenda. Let me just fly through my day doing, getting and giving the way my guides and angels see fit for me.

I think that if I try to plan “as I have in the past” I shall miss something that might have been important or fun! Allowing the universe to guide my steps will ultimately bring me to everything.

My life is to unfold a certain way. Who am I to block it with my “know it all” thinking and planning. Sure I want certain desirable things and events to happen, but can’t I just wish for those and leave it up to the universe to surprise me? Yes, I do believe I can and from this point on I will.

It may be difficult to give up the reins but the horse always knows his way home and why should I try to lead it differently.

Come now and join my flight, we are all being led to the same spiritual destination. We will all be home in the end.
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