Smell Clean and Fresh at Bedtime

With my husband running an Avon Website, it has been fun to try out some of the newer product lines. I feel like the new guinea pig and am up for the challenge totally!  Having been a previous seller and a long time user of Avon products, I still enjoy purchasing their new items they offer as their lines have expanded and continue to improve.  Now my list is growing leaps and bounds.

One of the newbies is in the bath product line called Mark Sweet On. Mark product line was originally designed for a younger age demographic and used to be sold separate from the traditional Avon product lines. 

Now though, the Mark products are listed under the Avon name as both are owned by the same company with the same guarantee and quality. They can be sold and purchased by the same representatives and off the same website. If you notice their items such as clothing apparel you will see they are designed more contemporary with a younger styling in mind. 

The one I chose to sample and write about too from Mark is Mark Sweet on Lemon Sugar.  Mark this a MUST BUY! I highly recommend it. You will not be disappointed! 

This one is perfect for summer weather especially or summer trips! It is not overly sweet but has a nice clean smell with a slight fruit smell to it. The fragrance I find hard to describe. My clients that have used it love it, and to my surprise my grandson does too. I used it on him in the tub as it comes in a 3-1 shampoo bath-wash, so convenient and worked great on his hair. He smelled so good that the next day I used the lotion before bedtime. Now I am hiding the lotion as he keeps asking for it. 

I highly recommend using the body mist spray as a pre-cursor to your

bedtime routine to spray down your bed linens before going to bed.Any of Avon's mist sprays work well for this as they have a very
low alcohol content so sheets tend not to stain and leave a nice light
smell on them when you slip into bed.  Spray at a distance to be sure! Just enough to send you off into dreamy land with pleasant dreams! 


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