Don't be Shamed Asking for Help

A new day is dawning. It is more about my attitude I think than the sunrise.  
Funny how going through years of therapy and self-reflection changes you.  If
you are doing the due diligence, it is like you work out so many kinks in your amour, find your missing pieces and put yourself back together again.  I suppose that is partially why I am a strong proponent of professional counseling and recommend it for anyone struggling through issues.

Too many folks use friendships as dumping grounds for problems in their life, be it personal or professional. Honestly, not everyone wants to hear your trash, partially because we all have our own stuff, our own stress we are dealing with. 

It does not mean that the world lacks compassion, people care, people that are close.  Most want to know what you are going thru. I believe people want to help but using others as a crutch, forming co-dependent relationships is detrimental. Most people are not trained in psychology at the Masters or Doctorial level and asking them for help or sounding off on them is risking getting bad advice or working yourself into a frenzy. Too often people simply restate their problems over and over again.  This accomplishes nothing but obsessing over what isn’t right instead of fixing what is wrong.

I think I wasted time in my life doing just this. Talking to myself and even to others about me about what I thought was wrong with me, my life and even my experiences in the past.  I believe I wasted my time and those I confided in. What’s more, I left a lot out, for various reasons. Some memories I never even had total recall for a long time.  

Going to a professional over an extended period of time has allowed me to speak to an outsider, someone who forced me to listen to myself speak. We all need someone with no feelings towards us to mirror our words. We benefit when someone makes us make decisions that force us to change and not repeat errors and accept some responsibility for our own happiness and our future. 

With the right therapist, you can move on, get to a point, where you truly get in
touch with all that you are, all that you can be, and can build a present day and future that is full of joy and peace.  In a world full of uncertainty, we all must stay grounded. That ability comes only from within. People will continue to judge you, reject you and hurt you. However, you can choose to allow it to affect you or not. If you are unable to do so, seek help. The sun is coming out tomorrow, even on a gray day. Those with optimism can sense it, those without won’t. Be on the side that does!  
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