You Can Dance

I love how children are so adventurous and carefree!  They never seem to be afraid, at a 
certain stage of development, of spreading their wings and flying. They will jump off the bed, regardless of how far the fall is and dance in the middle of the rain. Their rain dance is done with their face upwards to the sky so they can be certain to taste and feel the raindrops on their face and get wet all over. There is no concern over wet clothes, a potential cold the next day or God forbid, hair gone bad in the rain! 

I remember when Lee Ann Womack’s song first came out, I Hope You Dance. It was played continually. The theme of wishing your child would never lose the ability to dream and live out those dreams is something all parents have in common. The fears that inhibit this are taught and learned through aging.  Some of it, indeed, is necessary for social etiquette and some type of conformity with laws. It is not safe for kids to dance in public streets. But why, in so many adults, is this childlike quality of letting go so hard?

Living your life without abandonment takes courage. To step outside the comfort zone of others and what is expected of you takes a leap in faith in your ability to listen to your inner instincts and just be true to who you are.  But, the pay-off is tremendous, it is very liberating.  

Knowing that you only have one life to live and it could be taken at any time, sometimes you need to just dance.  Stepping up to the mike to make a statement that is controversial may make enemies but if it is your opinion and something you are passionate about, express it if you want. Those that truly care about you will appreciate your honesty. Those that don’t will leave you standing alone or despise your honesty because it does not align with their beliefs.  If you hate your job and are only doing it because it is what others expect of you, make a plan to make a change. Do it sooner rather than later. Relate to that child’s voice inside of you who once believed you were worth stepping outside of the box. 

I believe far too many of us think our dreams are fantasies.  We also, on a daily basis, prevent ourselves from being just plain silly.  The thought pattern seems to be this is immature and as adults, the concern focuses more on others think than our own inner drive.  

Perhaps, for me, that is why I am relatable to children. I don’t do this as much these past few years, since my cancer diagnosis occurred.  Those that know me will attest I have no
problem with tapping into that part of my personality, the uninhibited side. I like children to think I am a safe haven and encourage self-expression.  This is the purest form of creativity and uniqueness.  Too many people grow older and let this quality die, choosing conformity in almost every area of their life.

Being the best is not necessary to do or try something.  People sing Karaoke that can’t carry a tune.  Be that person that lets down the walls and sets an example to others of living liberated. Give yourself permission to be you and don’t get hung up on the social norm, the politically correct all the time. There needs to be moments that you can literally let your hair down and be a child again. 

At the end of the day, no matter how grown up we feel, we always are and will remain God’s children.  Hence, you have the right to dance.

Video is attached with messages about making the most out of life. Pictures are mostly of my granddaughter thru her dancing years and a few other misc. friends!  
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