Grandma's Sweet Tooth

It never ceases to amaze me how much joy and love I feel inside when I am around my grandchildren. I always thought, when they were born, at some point that pounding in my heart would subside.  The joy I feel when they walk into the room is supposed to become less over time, isn’t it?  

Well it just isn’t happening to me. As they get older, they just hit different stages, just like my own children did and with each stage comes new and exciting moments to share. My love just seems to deepen. I feel so enriched being a part of their lives.  It matters not what I am doing with them. It can be simply reading a child’s book or tucking them into bed and my world is spinning with joy.   When they smile, it makes a cancer battle worth every day of the fight. It makes all the wrongs in the world right.

My friends call me the foreign tourist in my own country. I am the woman with the camera that takes pictures constantly.  When the grandchildren are near, they begin to hide their faces from me. That doesn’t work though.   If necessary, I am known to resort to going under tables to catch those beautiful eyelashes on film or the adorable perky nose of Ava, those gorgeous brown eyes of my grandson Kaleb or any other trait any of the four have.  And the list is a mile long of the traits they have that I adore.

When I talk to friends that have grandchildren I find I am not alone. Grandmas seem to share this common bond. A badly taken photo is still a prized possession. Even what others consider a cranky baby is a feisty sweetheart to us.  A belligerent child to a parent is a competent human being to grandma; this is a child who knows darn well  how to stand up for themselves and will be somebody someday!   Oh, we are full of excuses for our grandkids, something we were always short on with our own kids.   Time does change us, age does too!  

I always have candy in my refrigerator door.  I started giving it to my grandkids when they first learned to use the potty. Gone are those days, over a year ago, but yet the candy remains. They are proud to know where it is housed. And even more fond of opening the door and asking for it, repeatedly.   At first, it was done after creating very slight tinkle streams in order to win favor and get the beloved candy, usually their favorites, Reese cups or Butterfingers.  Now it is just pure twisting me around the pinkie finger and it works every single time.  How can I say no to something so cute?  I have a sweet tooth myself and to me, there is nothing sweeter than my grandchildren.  

I remember when my children were young, taking a trip to the fair was something expected of me. Seeing my children laugh and play on rides and petting animals was fun.  Somehow with the grandchildren is even more delightful in a different kind of way.   There is this freedom to brag, shout out loud my joy and pride in their happiness and scream with delight when they do.  Complete abandonment.   Unlike my own children  these days, my grandkids are not embarrassed by outward shows of affection. 

If my son or daughter caught me running towards them with a bear hug, they would be sorely tempted to run in the other direction or pretend I was a stranger who got loose from the nearest mental ward.   My grand-kids would meet me half way, screaming all the way,”love you Grandma!   Come quickly!” 

What wonderful moments I have shared and will continue to share with my grandchildren!   I know, when the final day comes and I am called to heaven, it will be a beautiful good bye and will only last until I see them again….. (Click on Video below)

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