Ty Is a Renegade Making a Difference!

Dear Readers,

An adorable baby boy was born May 29th, 2009. He was welcomed into the world by his mommy, daddy and big sister. This child was unique in a way that many young children are finding themselves likewise. As he grew, his parents sensed something wasn’t right, that their little boy did not seem to be progressing normally through development. They sought out early intervention putting him into therapy where he was quickly recognized as suffering with Sensory Integration Disorder. When he turned two years old, his parents had Ty tested. Their suspicions were confirmed; they were given the heart wrenching news; Ty Ry was autistic.

Since that day, they have embraced the diagnosis, educated all of us and surged forward with determination! They wanted early intervention for Ty Ryan even before the diagnosis. Now they are even more determined that their son will become more engaged in the world he lives in. They want their son, Ty to be a Renegade for Autism. Whatever troubles his mind, his small world, there will be help to overcome it and make it bigger. He is destined to make a stand for others, like him, letting the world know autism has a name, autism has a heart and a soul, and a face. Autism is a reality in homes by millions of families and we must listen. We must care and help these children and these families in our communities to make a better future. You see, simply said, what they want for Ty is what so many families that have children with autism want for their children also, simply what they deserve, a chance for a budding future.

Every 15 minutes a family is told, “Your child is autistic.” The numbers are staggering of families affected by this. Many times, autism is not recognized till much later than Ty, making it much more difficult to treat. Ty’s mother, Rebekah, intends on letting Ty's story be told over and over again in the hopes that some mother will recognize her child's symptoms early on. We must do all that we can to improve the quality of life for these children and get them into treatment quickly and keep them there as long as they need it; it is our social responsibility.

There is no TYme like the present to make a change. Please consider collecting and giving your change for a cause that improves the life of an autistic child. Please give your TYme for children like TY. He can't say thank you YET but those of us that love him are praying, given enough therapy, one day he will be able to!

Blessings to you and your loved ones, Grandma Ronni


Walk Now For Autism Speaks

For Details and to Register for our (Ty's) team or donate to it,
please visit the link below and search on Team Name: Ty Ry's Renegade


NOTE: I wrote a blog on 1/11/11 on Ty Ry Glasmeier. If you glance back and read it now, perhaps you will see, between the lines, even back then, our family had a sense that he indeed was a special little boy. He is our angel and we feel blessed God placed him in our family. Thank you for reading this entry. He warms all of our hearts immensely! Amen.
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