Jump into You and Fly

I use to think only a few have talent in art. As I have aged, I realize art is self-
expression. Thus, no art is really wrong or right, it just is. All art is a form of
representation of a person’s self-expression. And we all have a right to express ourselves. In the realm of art, everything is acceptable. There are no holds barred. Your spirit can come alive and soar.

Some of us that relish various art forms were not blessed with amazing skill, we were not given that artsy fartsy gene.  However, usually, if you explore and try out different things, there will be an area you excel in and find your work enriching to your soul.

In college, I learned a lot about the art of writing. Anyone with a college education can attest to the fact writing is required. Included types are literary critiques, term papers, open essay, and yes, in my case, even journaling and diary dream interpretations.

Some of these dream diaries, as they were called in a graduate level class on Freud and the Interpretation of Dreams were shared in small groups. Wow, I thought I had a vivid imagination! Some of the dreams of my classmates were so bizarre it was hard to look at them without my eyes wide and my jaw dropped.  I was grateful I was only required to interpret mine.  But that type of writing was educational actually. Dreams, at service glance, don’t make sense, when you are documenting them.  In writing about them, we were all forced to write a stream of text with no real flow, no story line, not a beginning or an ending.  It was difficult, at first, because we all wanted to embellish our words, put a line between all the dots.

The journaling in this class taught how to write uncensored, true free-flowing writing without there being traditional writing rules in place.  I challenge you to try it sometime. Write or draw or sing, whatever art form you prefer is, without a plan in mind.  What we learned is the more we practiced it, the better we got.  We begin to learn that our restrictions we put on ourselves daily limit our ability to imagine. This has a far reaching impact because it limits our imagination and our creativity.

In reality, we can’t fly, we can’t be on center stage, etc..but in our dreams we can. We may not be able to paint using every color imaginable but in our subconscious at night, with no sensors in place, we can.  We can paint the world! 

Finding a way to express what lights your fire inside is important. It adds a new dimension to you. Never get so busy in life that you don’t allow yourself cathartic releases and to pursue some of your internal spiritual passions. 

For me, frequently, it comes in the form of writing. Even when I was a young child with a limited vocabulary, I wrote. When I have a disagreement with people, I have always found writing easier. Ask my husband, he has been on the end of many letters I have written him even with us living in the same house!

Writing allows you to free flow your thoughts without interruptions. When we communicate, we gauge what we say off of, to a large extent, our viewing audience. Comments from others and non-verbal signals affect what you are going to say and how you express it, your word choice, and your delivery.  This is also true of artistry of many types. Half of the time is spent thinking about how it will end, the picture, the song, the dance, the sculpture instead of savoring the moment and just trusting it will come to an end on its own without you overthinking it.

Putting thoughts on paper, opinions, feelings, etc.  gives complete leadway to express oneself, much as a painter faced with an empty canvas and an array of colors and possibilities begins a portrait. Others perceptions change the way we walk, talk and our level of honesty. Try picking some art form and putting blinders on others viewpoints and impressions.  Just please you.

My writing may not be good, it may not spark an emotion in everyone but it feels wonderful to me. And when I read it back, I see the real me clearly, in the tone, the word choice, the topic.  Oh, I have read many of the great writers’ pieces. I have friends that work professionally as writers and their words are impeccable, their grammar and their style is much easier to follow than mine. But, I am not trying to be them, nor the literary award winner.  

My hope is that, in sharing my reflections, it touches someone in some special way. If is makes someone think, it has accomplished something positive. If it doesn’t, that is okay too. No one has to read it if they don’t want to.  However, I do get feedback that some of my writings touch people; honestly it is so special to me!  It is made more special because I am expressing myself as I truly am, as unfiltered as I can be.  Who doesn’t like making a difference in the life of others just be being themselves?

I challenge you to find your niche, that art form you would enjoy trying but
were afraid to do for failure.  Those things you have thought about finding time
for but know, if you do, you will not be the best, you will not be rewarded with monetary gain and maybe you won’t grab a mention from another soul.  Do it because it feels good, it spreads your wings in a new direction and that, in and of itself is liberating!

I remember a friend telling me she always wanted to be a singer. Her husband finally bought her a karaoke machine so she could be a superstar. Does she sing well, ah, that is a matter of opinion. She is not trying out for a reality show, nor singing on a stage. She is simply singing in her living room for herself. And when I heard her one time, it was invigorating!  Now it is your turn.