These Truths are Self-Evident or Not?

Some general insights follow from me,  things that I have noted during the course of my adult life.  Naturally these are merely thoughts, my opinions and they are, yes, like that other thing we all have!.

Just a word of warning to those of you that don’t know it yet but  social media stays on social media.  And for some folks, that scares the hell out of them. Political careers can and are ruined by this media. Ironic that Bill Clinton served controversy over smoking pot and kinky sex in the White House and politicians now go down for even less.  But even in our everyday life, people are always forming opinions and thus attitudes about us.  But I do find, those that truly care about us realize that we are not what we feel, we are what we do with it.  Expressing views is simply that.

With that in mind, I feel certain some folks will agree with some of my observations:

  • Churches should use (home-made!) Italian bread for communion verses scanning
    neighborhoods for potential parishioners. It would be easier to get bread, if you know what I mean, in the basket.
  •  The volume of commercials should be the set at the same level as TV shows, verses so many decibels higher.  How annoying is it to watch something live, turn the volume down on the ads and then have the show start back up and you miss the opening lines?
  •  For those that feel everyone should not have medical insurance, here is a thought. Go without it for 1-2 years, in particular when you have health issues and try to pay those bills and get service from health care providers.  Then express your views about life without it.
  • People that drink coffee should no, I don’t do drugs.  Because they do! Addiction to coffee is strong. And I must say a wonderful drug!  
  •  People that stare at misbehaving children in public apparently aren’t aware this does not help the situation at all.  I propose the following:  each one be photographed at a store for a week or so. Then each store interested in this experiment post a large board in the front of the store so everyone can see, kind of like a WANTED poster.  On it would be placed the pictures of the gawkers with a label on top that reads Warning:  These customers enjoy watching parents struggling with their children.
  •  Women need to pack for one trip like their male counterparts.  Pretend they are visiting a nudist colony and when they do go outside of the colony, there is no need for clothes to match.   And then perhaps the packing standard might change for women and men will see what we frequently see on vacation!
  •  Doctors need to sit in their waiting rooms at least once a year on a booked afternoon appointment. And then, they must be docked pay for being gone so long
    from the job.
  • There is no such thing as childproof furniture.  This particular type of false advertising should be tested by preschoolers in the store it is sold to proof the legitimacy.
  •  Instead of Wife Swap, to make it much more interesting and controversial, it should be Teenager Swap. The teenagers used should be the variety we all label ‘not-fun’ types as we all know what a killjoy they can be.  Now that would be an interesting show.  Let’s see how other parents deal with your troublesome child and also find out if you are part of the problem.
  •  Long lines at the cash register should result in a standard discount for customers. Why not? Is it our fault that not enough employees were scheduled and does our
    time not have value?  Reality can bite; we could have 
    shopped at a competitor!
  • The list of potential side effects on drugs reads like a laundry list for the mentally insane to consider taking. With this in mind, are some of these made up? Once the list gets rolling on TV, it affects virtually every human body system there is, including breathing.
  •  Reality shows should not be scripted so we can determine just how boring and dysfunctional these folks truly are.  Let’s set the standard on these shows as realistic so we aren't promoting unreal expectations and having our young people idolize fake personalities and celebrities.
  •  Customer services reps should be empowered to create and present solutions verses roadblocks. We don’t sit on hold for half an hour to be told nothing can be done.
  • Women with 5-6 children+ should be allowed to have more than one husband. There are only 24 hours in a day and each child deserves attention from a male counterpart.  Note, the reverse should not be allowed. Men have no need for more than one wife in this instance.  We all know why! 
  •  I will not be in an Older Woman’s Beauty Pageant or competing for Ms. Popularity so yes, I realize my views aren't shared by some.  And that is okay, we are all unique and find our own way of dealing with life’s intricacies.   

From day to day, barriers sometimes never go away.
Your approach defines you as a person.  You can spend your life cursing.
But the other option to me, is laughing and letting life be.
Live in the moment as much as you can.
And know that others aren't always willing to bend.
Remember your control is limited to you; there is little you can do.
You can’t change others; brush it off with an Oh Brother!
Move on, it’s not your trial, accept what is and crack a smile!
Others will see you enjoying your life,
And you will set an example for others to strife.

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