One Year Seems like Paradise!

May not seem much of a big deal to anyone but me or perhaps to my oncologist but to us, it is pretty special!  After a diagnosis for cancer in Sept. 2007, Dr. Serie has been a regular part of my life. There have been many times I have seen her more than my close friends, family and everyone but my husband and Charley (our beloved dog, finder of my tumor!).  

Well, at long last, a separation of a lengthier period was awarded at my visit this week.  She has held me to 3 months for what seemed forever, then at 6 months. This past week, I graduated and now am allowed to go a full year without returning to see my beloved doctor. 

It seems a perfect time to celebrate, once again, the victory of being a survivor. I can’t help but recall just how wonderful life has been, how many things I have celebrated over the past years since diagnosis. So many personal changes have occurred, besides the obvious, going from bald to hair.  I have gone from being a mother to being a grandmother, to being someone who lived a frantic lifestyle to someone who takes time to smells the coffee and treasures small things in life. I found out that long term effects of chemo are not just imaginary but well worth the price of having another day to life.  I got real, and though it took quite a lot of practice and, in the process, may have lost some people that were dear to me, with the loving support of caring people in my life, I am there. I find myself happy, healthy and whole, just as I prayed and asked God to make me when I was flat on my back in treatment.

So I must be reflective for a few moments. It is my trip down memory lane. Even at my age, I recognize, inside all of us, is a child that seeks wisdom continually and must adjust to an ever changing world.  That innocence of youth still looks for a more perfect world, void of war and certainly wishes for a day the world will be void of cancer.  I long for a time when others live without judgment of others and find a way to truly understand what unconditional love and regard means and can incorporate it into their live and relationships.  Getting real seems like it should not be reserved for the very few.
But, with or without those expectations met, I treasure life and God’s blessings.  The many blessings in my life, in particular the people,  make my dreams as a child of paradise feel more like a reality. 

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