Grandkids Know What Easter is All About

Easter is a time for reflecting and rejoicing.

Coloring eggs and receiving baskets of candy and goodies. Lifting our voices up in song and giving thankful praise to our risen Lord. Being able to stop eating fish on Friday if you are Catholic. Going to church annually, on this particular Sunday, sometimes the only day folks attend all year.

It is also a time for reflection. The image above of God in His glory was taken from my step son Dan Bronold's face book page. Recently deceased, it was among his face book pictures posted. It stood out as most images were of his carefree lifestyle. This one was front and center because, at the heart of who he was was a Christian, a believer. In his quiet moments, he spoke of God. I think he intentionally posted that picture to let those of us that knew him know for certain, heaven was his end destination. Perhaps he even knew he would get there much sooner than the rest of us that love him but his image so proudly displayed let us know we will indeed see him on the other side. I am so proud of Dan for posting that image. As Jesus promised, if we believe, we too will get there.

Easter brings color in to children's lives along with sugar. Easter gives hope to the hopeless. Easter lights the way for Christians during troubled times in their lives and gives our journey purpose. It is the basis of our faith.

Perhaps the innocence of children celebrating Easter exemplifies the meaning of Easter best. Better than any words I can dare to write......see what you think...

Turn up your speakers, click on the video, and view it on a full screen

*Special thanks go out to Kaleb, Ava, Ty & Jake for making this video possible
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