Handicap Biases

Don’t look at me because I am different,
Don’t stare at me because I act strange,
I know that I am not like most people,
I try my hardest to fit in and change.

Years of therapy,
Of trying to fit in,
Attempts to learn simple things,
With only the love of kin.

It is not easy,
My struggles are with day to day life,
Doing what you think are easy chores,
Things like opening doors,
But my life is worth living,
And you can help,
By being willing to be more giving.

Friends are few quite,
Most folks see me as a bother.
It is easier to ignore me
Then let me ask for help with a holler.
So never does a day go by,
That I don’t pray to our Father.

See, I need His Strength,
May it shower down on me from above!
I feel alone so many times in this world,
I feel comforted just knowing of His unconditional.

I value my life,
Even at this most basic level,
I refuse to let my cross weigh me down wear,
The negative attitude is for the Devil.

You know we all have a cross to bear,
We each have challenges on our back,
Perhaps that is why we are here to serve one another,
And help keep others on track.

Are you doing that for others?
Are you watching others in need?
Are you self absorbed and
Focused only on selfish greed?

No, even you can’t get to me,
So you can stare if you must,
I will survive the burden of a handicap,
Until I return to dust.

I am here for a purpose,
If you are wise you will surely see,
That God loves all his people,
So why not reach out a hand to me?

Take my message
And share it with others.
Remember, we are all brothers.
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