Ode to Shingles

T’was a man they say from Germany,
Who went through the holidays with fanfare,
Never getting caught up in the bah humbugs,
No, his heart was golden full of tender loving care.

Alas the holiday was over,
And to his wife’s dismay,
Her jovial husband awoke,
And the bed was in disarray.

It was not from passionate love making,
He had been uncomfortable all through the night,
And as he woke up with a snarly look on his face,
She knew her German was not quite right.

Oh, what ailed him,
Whatever must be wrong,
Maybe she could deter him from thinking about it,
And put on a sparkly thong!

But just as surely these thoughts, flittered through her head,
He let out a roar with her name on the end of it, and sat up in bed.

She did as he asked,
And looked at his back,
And saw what was clearly shingles,
A perfectly made out track.

She knew not how to break the news,
How to tell her loved one was not going to be fun,
She could always grab her cell phone and then tell him and run!

For shingles is not something with a time stamp,
It does not quickly go away,
It does not lighten up,
When you want to have an active day.

No, just like many things in life,
It slows you down and makes you wait,
And those with no patience,
Are tested, wondering when is the end date.

She need not fear how he would deal with this ailment,
Because her special fellow with his heart of gold,
Will face the nasty shingles just like he fights dragons on horseback,
He will be brave, strong, put on his armor and be oh so bold!

There is a lesson to be learned from my friend’s demise,
If you are paying attention, walk away wise!

May your illnesses be opportunities of chivalry,
And remind you that we are not what we have, but what we overcome!
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