Live Your Dream

Are you holding on to a dream or are you living it? If you are not living it, what are you waiting on?

As a friend and I walked in the woods encircling her home, we reviewed our lives. We each took our turn discussing how we got to where we were, what led us to meeting each other and both being at the same place at the same time. That inevitably led to the circumstances to be just right for our friendship to form. We both like to think that God had a hand in it.

As we opened up and shared our feelings with each other about our joys and our sorrows, we realized how rich our lives had been. It was one of those ah-ha moments. The light bulb came on during out chat, and we appreciated how interesting our lives had been. Our lives, in the day to day scheme of things, may seem mundane, but, in actuality, they are not in the complete package. As each of us is unique, our lives are also.

I suppose one can never talk to a friend about their live and the past without talking about the future. So it was that day, our conversation progressed to the what’s next for each of us. Both of us, having been cancer survivors, are reminded daily that life on earth is not a given. God is the only sure thing.

This conversation with my dear friend came back to me this week when my husband started talking about a milestone birthday he has coming up. He had concerns about the 'number'. Like so many of us, he finds himself getting focused on the age he is turning and what he hasn't done, what he doesn't have. Is that not what society markets to us all?

Oh how easily we forget all we have done and how blessed we are to be alive to even have the chance talk about it! My husband, for example, what exactly is he running out of time for? What does he have to do that is so awfully important to stress over today, which could be his last day, who knows but the good Lord above.

God gave me a little more time to spend with him,my husband, my best friend. That turned out to be my best dream, the only way that truly mattered and it is happening,; I am living it. My husband and I then went on to talk about what he wants to do with the rest of his time, our time together as we know it is limited, cancer taught us that and age is showing us mortality is inevitable too. Thus, we made some plans. Modest though they are as in this economy compromise is a must! Who can really afford to fly to the moon?

Whatever the dream is, the time we are given (our gift from God),is non negotiable. Plan accordingly and consider revising it if it is way out of reach. Unrealistic dreams are like unrealistic goals, lessons in self defeat. I wish that it had not taken cancer for me to realize how soon my time here will end but then again, some of us just have to get that big old sign to get the message loud and clear, LIFE IS SHORT.

Perfect time to write this with Easter coming up. Amen to Jesus for letting us know what is on the other side........

Hence I propose the following:

•Make sure your dreams are realistic and worth holding onto.
•Let others in on your heart’s desire, your dream, so that they will hold you to it and also help make it come together. There is sometimes no greater joy than helping others achieve their dream. (Why keep all the fun to yourself?)
•Make a plan, set up a course of action. Dreams don’t just happen; you have to care enough to make them happen. (If you want to marry someone, you have to date them first, preferably anyways!)
•Then enjoy it for all it is worth. And know that you have, indeed, made your Father proud.

For He, also, had a dream…

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…..” (Genesis 1:1)

And YOU are part of it!
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