Whether Winter Weather Matters

I have lived in the North. Northerners complain about snow, cold temperatures and too much slush and salt on their cars. They hate snowy conditions, and having to deal with getting children to school when the roads are barely passable. Schools seldom close in the North also as they are prepared for those types of conditions. If every time it snowed, they closed school, they would be going through Mid July to make up for the days missed. Hence, school is open is the norm, and if they are lucky, with a late start so the major traffic is off the road before parents and/or school buses have to venture out .

I now live in the South. Folks down here complain about not seeing snow, not having opportunities to sled and not getting to wear heavy sweaters and boots enough. When snow is even predicted in the south, schools are closed the night before. Salt must be a scarcity in the south as the road crews are not well prepared to deal with snowy conditions as it happens so rarely. The grocery stores are robbed of the essentials, milk and bread by rush hour traffic time. Apparently many are in fear it might snow and it might make the roads impassable. Many a Christmas southern folk are out putting up Christmas lights outside their homes in short sleeve shirts. All the while, they are wishing for a white Christmas.

The commonality is obvious here. There are pros and cons to the winter weather in both areas of our country. But rest assured, wherever you go, people will find fault with their area’s weather patterns in the period from November to March.
The diversity of weather patterns in different areas of the country is much like the diversity of people. It is something that should be embraced. There are wonderful assets to living in the south. No snow means no bad road days, no slush on the car, and no sub zero temperatures when you step outside. Living in the North allows you opportunities to see the landscape outlined in white virgin snow, detailing every single detail of the landscape as far as the eye can see. It is a quiet white stillness that is almost spiritual.

Whether you live in the south or the north during winter, there are advantages to each. You are blessed to be able to enjoy the seasons changing no matter where you live. Spend more time focused on what you do like about where you live and less worry on other areas in the country. You can’t change it anyways; weather patterns are not changeable due to human whims. We always want what we don’t have. It is far better to recognize that, and move on rather than waste precious time complaining.
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