Spring into Easter

The sun was streaming in the computer room window as I tried to decide what to write about for my blog. I heard the sound of children laughing next door as they were playing ball. The sight of the trees slightly bending in the wind made me smile. As I got up and peered out the window, I could see the two beautiful horses grazing just beyond the fence that backs up against our property. They always look so majestic and so content merely standing there grazing and soaking up the sun. Looking out in the distance I saw a neighbor walking his dog, a lady watering her newly planted flowers in the garden pot by her stoop and two kids riding on a four wheeler down our hill.

Oh, the sounds and sights of spring! Can there be anything more beautiful? How fitting it is that Lent goes thru the period when the world is just waking up from winter’s darkness. Right around the corner from Lent is Easter. This is the true Christians’ everywhere celebration of the resurrection timed perfectly with the blossoming of our outside world, almost a metaphor for our own internal awakening of sorts of the revelation of not just spring but life everlasting.

For God so loved the world that He gave us all things beautiful to see and adore!

I remember during a dark period in my own recovery from cancer a dear friend told me; when you doubt faith, take a walk. Look around on that walk and see how many examples you can find of God’s presence, His very existence. I found quickly, within two houses, He is everywhere. The signs are always there, we just fail to take time to notice or look.

Celebrate life this week. I challenge you to take a walk and look for how many signs are in your world around you of God’s existence. Whatever one stands out the most in your mind, hold that thought in your memory bank. The next day you feel a black cloud is hanging over your head, remember that image of what you saw that day…hold it close to your heart as a reminder, rain clouds are followed by rainbows…. Something else God created to show the vivid colors of the world He created, the diversity and the blending of all that is good.

May this Lenten period bring you to peer out your window, open it up, and close your eyes. May all of your senses see, smell and hear the sounds of life. And in that moment, when all your senses are invigorated and challenged, may it remind you, thanks to God, you have life everlasting!
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